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 We are a home based business created to rescue our house from more books.  After years of collecting books on many subjects, it is time to let some go.  By some, I mean thousands!

The music CD's are  following the path of the books, but are more manageable in numbers - they are only in the hundreds - or is that wishful thinking on my part?

This is an online bookstore, so hours here are very flexible.  Shipping will take place within 24 hours of receiving payment.  Please note that shipping from Hawaii does take a little longer than on the Mainland.  Never fear, though, the books will arrive as promised.

Want more information on our books for sale?  Visit our stores on - Buy Bye Books and Music.  You can purchase books here directly from us using Paypal, check or money order.  Or, you can purchase through Amazon, Alibris or Biblio.

We have other books and music listed on our sister website:

 Most of the books listed here are less than those we have listed on Amazon.  You see, we are passing on what we save in fees to you.  So, you decide, buy from us here on this website or from one of our other stores - we appreciate the business either way!

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